Children's Moving Challenges

When a family has to move, it can evoke an emotional response in even the calmest family member. While adults are working out the details of packing, moving furniture, and setting up a new household, younger family members can feel a tremendous emotional loss. Not only because they will lose their friends, but also because they will lose the familiar comfort of their old home, as well as the sense of history created by it. Here we review the problems children can have with moving, and also some ways a parent can help.

Shared stress

Also, moving can be a stressful experience for adults, and children are skillful at picking up on their parent’s emotions. The children will then experience similar stress in addition to having to vie with the moving activities for the parents’ attention. Also, stressed parents in the throes of a busy move tend to be very short-tempered with children. For these reasons, many experts suggest that children should spend a few days with a friend or family member.


People of all ages will feel much happier and in control if they have options. Younger people will be more comfortable if they are offered options during the move. Being able to pick their room, how the furniture will be arranged or even the color of the decor will make a move more palatable.

Opportunities to make new friends


Even when the child is attending their new school, it may be difficult for them to establish a rapport with other children in the academic setting. At the same time, those who had trouble socially or academically in their old school can benefit enormously from the ‘clean slate’ a move can provide. It’s easier if they can figure out what they were doing wrong and change it.

Sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities will create an opportunity for them to meet other children who share their interests. These activities will also give them something to look forward to and offer them opportunities they may not have had previously and may help them settle into the new community in a way that school cannot.

Keeping old friends

If at all possible, allow your child to Skype with their friends and family members from the old neighborhood. This can help them to adjust to the idea that people can stay in our lives regardless of the distance. It will provide them with stability, which can help them settle into their new environment.

If you’re considering a move, call a local moving team to find out how they can help!

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