Choices when settling Into your New Home

Once you choose a place to live, have a packing and loading company help you pack, and help you get there, you’ll want to settle down into your new home.

Professionals or friends?


By mapping your furniture before the move by marking each box clearly, you have the opportunity to have things organized before the actual move. As long as you have your ‘Essential’ box, your basic needs should be met.

People, especially help, can be managed the same way. Make sure everyone knows what role they will play and allow them the opportunity to meet your expectations when the truck arrives. If friends come many hours ahead of the moving vehicle, for example, they’re sacrificing their time for nothing. No one wants to do that. In fact, many people who hire pros do so because they would rather spend the money getting professional, high-quality help instead of imposing on friends or family members.

Time or money?

Frequently, one or all of the occupants of the new home will have somewhere they are required to be the day or so after the move. Because many people move on a Friday, they spend the weekend trying to get their new household in order and then go to work or school on Monday.  Fridays are a busy and expensive day to schedule movers. Also, if the homeowner moves in and there is a problem with something critical, such as the power or plumbing, it may be difficult to reach the leasing office or landlord on the weekend. Electricians and plumbers tend to charge premium rates on weekends, as well. So, some people think it’s worth it to move on a Wednesday, for example, thereby saving money in the move, having the extra days to settle in and access to help when it may be most needed.

Moving requires time and money, and if you’re willing to sacrifice the time, it will save you money. If you’d rather spend the money, it will save you time. Neither choice is better than the other, but it’s important to be aware of the options ahead of time, since moving is exhausting either way, and it’s wiser to be prepared.


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moving project, and neglect meals, adequate sleep, or rest periods. Moving is also a dirty, dusty process. In order to facilitate a smoother transition, it’s essential that everyone gets adequate rest, which means beds are the first priority, and kitchen essentials the second priority. Hiring someone to clean your old home after you move out offers a jumpstart to moving into the new place. Not everyone can afford it, but you might be surprised at how economical a cleaning crew is, especially if the old possessions and inhabitants have vacated the premises.
If you have the funds, having someone come to clean regularly in the new place for a short time is also a worthwhile investment, as it will save your energy for the process of settling in.

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