Packing Boxes for the Best Move Ever

When the moving company arrives, it will save time and money to have everything prepared to go straight to the truck, including the boxes. Today, we’re going to offer some tips on how to pack boxes for a successful move and best results.

If you don’t want to pack, we can help! Just call and schedule it when you call for your move.


Too full isn’t good

Overfilling boxes is a mistake for several reasons. First, because even though you don’t want to pay for a bigger box when you have a (too) small box that’s almost big enough, when it’s stacked with other boxes, it’s going to create a problem because it’s no longer flat. The stack of boxes will lean to one side if the contents bulge out the top. If the sides bulge, it’s going to compromise the integrity of the box.

Too empty isn’t good either

A half-filled box, when stacked with other boxes, can be crushed by the weight of other boxes if it’s only half full. Use crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces in your boxes so they won’t be half full of dead air, which will make the contents shift and possibly damage them.

Sets of boxes

If you have sets of similar items, mark the boxes ‘1 of 3’, ‘2 of 3’, etc. so you’ll know when they’re assembled. Keep similar items together, as well. Pack ‘like’ contents, together, too. Avoid putting fragile items in the same boxes as heavy items.

Labels, labels, labels!


For your own sake, boxes should be marked with the contents, so you can find what you need. A Sharpie marker beats any kind of regular pen or marker.  As you pack, decide where you want the movers to put the boxes and mark it on the side of each box. Some people use color-coded stickers. The point is that you aren’t going to be able to read each label and direct where it should go in the middle of the move while a team of movers waits for you to read the top of each box.

If the contents are fragile, make sure that is clearly marked on the box, too.

Great boxes

We understand it’s easier to get boxes from the grocery store and maybe save a few bucks. But moving boxes or banker boxes are strong and meant for the job of moving. Plus, they won’t smell like grocery food or have cockroaches or silverfish. If you have moving insurance, it’s easy to see a box which has been damaged if they’re all new.

Tape-so much tape

One wouldn’t think that tape could make the difference between a successful move and a flop, but tops of boxes must be securely taped.

Finish packing before the move

If you finish packing the day before the move, not only will you be able to have all of the last minute details handled, but you’ll also save yourself the grief of trying to pack and move at the same time.  Moving is tough. Try not to make it harder on yourself. If you hire packers, think of it as an investment into your mental health. Professional packers can’t be beat for their skill at packing moving boxes. Plus, you’ll be ready when the movers arrive!

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