Picking a Place to Move

There are a ton of reasons why people move. For example, moving to a new job, or away from home for the first time, or maybe they're downsizing after the kids leave home, or retiring. Here we examine some elements which can make choosing your next place to move easier. 


Move somewhere where you can be happy! We have moving services which include hourly packing and more.

Move somewhere where you can be happy! We have moving services which include hourly packing and more.

If you can barely afford the new Tampa Bay-area home you're considering, take a step back. Ask yourself what would happen if you had a financial disaster such as a major car repair or a job loss. Most people live way closer to the fiscal edge than they know. Some potential solutions are to get a roommate, a second job, or a smaller place in the same neighborhood.

The commute

Let's use our friend Cody the Commuter as an example. He is considering one of two places in a very central area of town, which means the traffic can be horrible. One site is ten minutes away, and the other is thirty. 

Twenty extra minutes each way is forty minutes per day. By excluding weekends and the ten federal holidays, throughout 2020, there will be 252 working days. Twenty extra minutes one way for a commute over one year translates roughly to this:

The math

 40 the extra time on the daily commute at 20 X 2 (minutes to work and home)

252 number of workdays in 2020 =

10,080 minutes in traffic /60 to calculate hours=

168 extra hours in the car driving to and from work in 2020.

So, if Cody the Commuter doesn't have that extra 20 minutes of commuting time, in a year, he'd save enough time to binge-watch every episode ever made of South Park and still have enough time left over to knit a hat. Every. Single. Year.

Close relationships

If you need hugs and smiles and the things most of the rest of us need from others, figure out the people who give you those and make sure you're not too far from them. Otherwise, your weekends, holidays and evenings are going to be spent doing a commute that might not hurt you as badly as the work commute previously discussed, but it will eat a chunk of your time, money and energy.

The family’s needs

If you have children, you'll want to consider their educational opportunities as well as the suitability of the neighborhood. The school, the play areas, and other opportunities to enrich their lives are all factors to consider. You want to avoid raising them in a place with a high crime rate, which may also actually be a factor even if you don't have kids for your own peace of mind.

If you have a large pet, consider the ramifications of keeping it in a tiny apartment or a place which doesn't have a secure fence so they can do their business without you and a leash.


Whether you're a part-time college student, a fan of Busch Gardens or enjoy the Tampa Riverwalk, consider where you spend your fun time and make sure you have access to the places which bring you joy.

The final choice

Sometimes it's challenging to juggle all of the factors when it comes to making a decision. The easiest way to find a suitable location is to get an actual physical map and put a pin or an X on each place which should be a point of consideration. Some things will get more weight in the decision, of course. Then draw a radius circle in the area which meets your needs. That's where you want to search for housing.

This tool will help you to determine not only the crime rate, but school ratings, affordability, and a few other things which may help you make your decision. Once you make a choice, give us a call. We can help make it the easiest move ever.

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