Why We Never Use Day Laborers on Our Crew

As a small, independent moving company, our priority is to offer a safe, economical, dependable moving service with your convenience in mind. As means to that end, we have our own crew which handles your items from start to finish.

Even though this requires us to have permanent staff on hand, we will never use day laborers. Here are some of the reasons why:


Background checks

Every member of our staff has a background check. Moving crews are around your family, your children, and your precious family heirlooms. We need to be confident that the people we bring into your home and around your family are trustworthy people. We can’t do that with day laborers, so we don’t take the chance.


By the nature of the industry, there is very little liability protection during a move. Sure, there is something, but the very nature of moving involves some risk. We want to minimize the risk. Because we train our people, work closely together continually, and have an established rapport, these things reduce the risk to your belongings.


When we load your possessions, we know what they are and where they’re located in the truck. As a result, we also know what we’re going to unload and how it has to be handled. A typical moving service may hire day laborers who have no idea what is on the truck or how they're going to manage it. This ignorance comes with a higher risk of something getting damaged.

As you can see, minimizing the potential for breakage to your household goods is a big priority with us. It’s hard enough to move without having people around that you can’t trust or having something you love get broken or destroyed.

Our goal

We want to build our business on repeat customers and referrals. The best way to do this is to offer our customers a moving experience they’re willing to repeat and tell friends about when they need to move. That isn’t going to happen if the move involves a parade of strangers, first on one end and then the other, as in the case with those using day laborers. You deserve better.

If you’re planning a move, call us and let’s talk. We can set up a move based on your needs. One of those needs is a dependable crew, one which has been vetted and trained. We can provide that, as well as other things you may not even realize you need. Let us help make your next move the best one ever!

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