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We are a professional packing and loading service for Tampa and surrounding areas. Want to move your home or office but just don’t have the time and expertise to pack and load? We do!

Our uniformed crew will arrive and pack your precious belongings with meticulous care. Then we will load them with the same skill. Not only will we treat your fragile belongings as though they were are own, but we will also pack and load them in a way that minimizes movement. Movement in the load during transport is what causes damage!

If you want a fast, professional, affordable team to take the stress out of your relocation,we hope you’ll consider us for packing and loading or unloading and unpacking your next moving truck or pod.

Why Choose A Packing & Loading Service Vs. The Average Van Line Mover?


Most van lines give you a two-week window which is the time they can pick up your stuff. You're beholden to that window and pay a lot more to choose the time. 

Marc’s Moving Services lets you select the time and the place, and we’ll be there on time and not make your move any more stressful.



Most van lines will pick up your valuable items and take them to a storage area and drop them off, which can lead to missed or damaged items. They move the items around at the warehouse and then a whole different crew puts it back into a truck to go to its final destination. Moving your valuables one time is enough for bad things to happen without loading it for a second time onto a truck. 

Marc’s Moving Services moves you once - from your current location to your destination - and that’s it. 



Many customers don’t know this, but when you’re doing a city-to-city move, the average van-line mover will contract day labor for the unloading of your items, which means you may have random, non-background checked people moving your stuff when you get to the new city. There’s very little liability.

Marc’s Moving Services packs and loads your stuff and if you want us to be there for the drop-off and unloading, we will be the ones to drive the truck and see you at your destination. No surprises for you! 



Marc's Moving Services’ total cost including Pod or Truck (which you must acquire separately) is typically 50% less than a full-service moving company and interstate moves are 60% less!!

We’ve been in the business long enough to know what works and what’s important to you, our customer, so we’ll always have competitive pricing and your satisfaction first in mind.


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Delivering a superior service experience is our priority!


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